Winona Cemetery - Annual Newsletter

Annual Spring Cleanup – A Two Day Event!

Saturday, May 18th and Sunday, May 19th, 2012

9:00 PM – 3:00 PM


Bring your own gardening tools.  There are headstones to clean, shrubs to trim, grass to edge.  This is your chance to help beautify the cemetery.  Rather than limiting the clean-up to just two hours on Sunday, the association has decided to make it a 6 hour event on both days to allow people to come and go as they see fit.  All are welcome.


Adopt-a-Grave!  Many buried in Winona no longer have local families to attend for their graves.  Please make the effort to maintain other gravesites in the cemetery if you see a grave that needs attention.


Winona Cemetery Association

Annual Board Meeting and Election

Sunday May 19th, 2013   3:00 PM


Every year as part of its charter, the Winona Cemetery Association holds its annual meeting and election.  It is held after the Spring Cleanup.  At this meeting topics such as committee reports, improvements, and finances are discussed.


Elections are also held during the annual meeting.  There are 6 board positions and each position is for a one year term.  The commitment is minimal but the need for an active board is critical to keep the improvements at the cemetery on track.  Anyone that has the time and desire to serve should call us at 503-885-9660 or send an email to


Board Members


This year we had our same people elected to the Winona Cemetery Board of Directors.  The members of the board for 2012/2013 are Loyce Martinazzi, Mike Hannegan, Kathy Walsh, Sandy Stearns, Ken Smith, and Rochelle Martinazzi.  We are looking for others in the community to step up and help with the responsibilities of managing the cemetery in the coming years.

Addresses Needed


Last year we had we received several new addresses to add to our mailing.  We need more!  Please send us any change in address you may have.  We would also like to include others that we may not currently have on our mailing list.  If you know of anyone that should be included in this mailing, send us their name and address.

Gravesites Available


Gravesites are available for purchase at a price of $850 each.  Winona Cemetery has over 1,000 unsold gravesites.  If you know any families around the area that may be interested, please spread the word.  Please contact Guy Wherity at 503-885-9660 for more information.

Cremation Plots Available


Several years back, space was set aside on the west end of the cemetery for smaller cremation plots.  These plots are available for purchase at a price of $450 each.  If you know any families around the area that may be interested, please spread the word.  Please contact Guy Wherity at 503-885-9660 for more information

General Fund Donations Needed!


Winona Cemetery has many operating expenses during the year.  Donations to cover these expenses are needed and always appreciated.  Maintenance is not covered in the cost of the gravesites.  Please send your tax deductible donation to: Winona Cemetery, 9900 SW Tualatin Rd., P.O. Box 293, Tualatin, OR 97062.